Ana & Noush | Contemporary Handmade Wool Rugs

Our Story


London-based Ana & Noush produces an inspiring selection of simple and sophisticated handcrafted rugs and soft furnishings with minimalist elegance in contemporary, distinctive patterns for grown-ups and little ones, using only the finest yarns and natural fibres. Drawing from three generations of rich weaving heritage in her family-run handlooms business in India, Preeti Ahlawat founded Ana & Noush with the ambition to create an impact at the grassroots level and empower the weaver and craftspeople communities who handcraft these exquisite, artisanal pieces.

Ana & Noush | Contemporary Handmade Wool Rugs, Luxury Rugs, Modern Rugs, Bespoke Rugs

Educated at Harvard and LSE in law and economics and having worked for nearly a decade at some of the world’s leading institutions in London, Preeti’s inspiration was to bring impeccably crafted pieces with an eye on modern living, direct to the end consumer, cutting out any intermediaries and ensuring the artisans involved benefit from it and feel pride in the creation process.

Ana & Noush | Contemporary Handmade Wool Rugs, Luxury Rugs, Modern Rugs, Bespoke Rugs

We are dedicated to giving a portion of our profits to local charities and work closely to improve the general medical, educational and living conditions for weaver and craftspeople families, such as organising free health camps for treatment of common ailments, eye camps for cataract treatment and providing vocational training.

As well as following these sustainable principles, Ana & Noush ensures that our mills and all those we work with are aligned with Care and Fair ensuring that the best ethical and workplace practices are followed and no child labour is involved.